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    VyTCDC is run by a team of experts having more than 2 decades of experience in software training, development, and delivery. One of the key strengths of our team is the ability to change the training program based on the changing trends of the software industry.

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    Ios Development - Program 2

    Ios Development - Program 2

    ios development 1

    Ios Development – Program 2


    Phase 1 – Fundamentals

    (Intro to MAc & Xcode, Objective C & Memory Management )

    Learn the basics of iOS development with the Objective-C language , Mac & Xcode

    Completion of Phase 1 successfully with prepare strong foundation to make entry into Phase 2

    Phase 2 – Application Development in iPhone/iPad

    (TableViews , Tab bar ,Tool bas controllers , Webservice)

    Completing Phase 2 successfully makes the learner to gain expertise in various technical features involved in creation of iphone/ipad Application

    Phase 3 – App Deployment and Debugging

    Learn how to efficiently discover and resolve issues with your app

    Project : 2 Mini Projects

    Completing phase 3 successfully makes to create your own Iphone/IOS APPS

    Phase 4


    • Phase 4 is an intense 2 months project that provide opportunity to be a part of multiple “LIVE CLIENT PROJECT”
    • Full participation will makes an individual a coding expert
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    5 months

    Why is this program designed

    • Specification & scope for the projects in all the phases are extracted from live client projects or archive

    • Each student is PAIRED with an experienced coding experts

    • A dedicated learner will get elevated to
      100% percent level

    • Only commitment needed is Full
      participation from students.

    END2END empowerment of students by preparing them for the REAL work environment

    Guidance and counselling by INDUSTRY veterans having world wide project execution experience

    Actual client projects case studies- Issues handling with reference to delivery-Client management

    Day to Day improvement strategies will be/has to be seen for successful completion

    Your own PORTFOLIO of all
    projects to exhibit your expertise

    • Free counseling sessions/technology guidance & clarifications till a Job is acquired by the student

    • Full fledged support for interview preparations

    • Post interview analysis of positives & negatives based on the outcome of interviews.