Checkout! The New Android L is out for Developer Preview

What is in it?

> A New UI Design
> A New Runtime
> Enhanced Notifications
> Increased Efficiency

New UI Design
Material Design
The new design language is more than just a visual refresh, though. In its onstage demo, Google showed new animations that are designed to present the maximum amount of content while ensuring that scrolling remains smooth. It’s hoped that by offering improved typography (including a new Roboto font), grids and more color, Google’s apps and services will become more consistent, making it easier for users to interact with them.


A New Runtime
The 4.4 release introduced a new, experimental Android runtime, ART. Under 4.4, ART was optional, and the default runtime remained Dalvik. With the L Developer Preview, ART is now the default runtime.
For an overview of ART’s new features, see Introducing ART. Some of the major new features are:

Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation
Improved garbage collection (GC)
Improved debugging support

Enhanced Notifications
Lockscreen notifications
Lockscreens in the L Developer Preview have the ability to present notifications. Users can choose via Settings whether to allow sensitive notification content to be shown over a secure lockscreen.
Your app can control the level of detail visible when its notifications are displayed over the secure lockscreen. To control the visibility level, call and specify one of these values:

VISIBILITY_PRIVATE.Shows basic information, such as the notification’s icon, but hides the notification’s full content.
VISIBILITY_PUBLIC.Shows the notification’s full content.
VISIBILITY_SECRET.Shows nothing, excluding even the notification’s icon.

Increased Efficiency
Google has launched Android L with project Volta, it has options of the attempt to boost the battery life of the android devices. We all hate it when our phone doesn’t make it through the day, but our buying habits show we’re not willing to lug around thick, heavy, costly phones with bigger batteries.
Android L aims to give us that big battery life boost through a series of enhancements Google calls “Project Volta.”

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