AR/VR Online Training (Basic)

AR/VR Online Training (Basic)

Learn to create AR and VR applications with Unity3D, Vuforia, ARCore and ARKit.

Introduction to AR/VR Online Training

Objectives AR/VR Online Training (Basic) :

  • Learn to develop engaging Augmented reality and virtual reality applications with this exciting new technology
    Teaches core skills needed for developing AR and VR applications
  • Explore industry standard development platforms such as Unity3D, Vuforia, ARCore and ARKit
  • Publishing AR applications to both Android and IOS
  • Learn to develop Virtual Reality applications and publish to a variety of headsets (HTC, Oculus, Google)
  • Learn the fundamentals of C# programming to create your own experiences in Unity3D
  • Get an understanding of the fundamentals of 3D graphics: modelling, rendering, lighting, animation and textures with respect to AR and VR application development
  • This course is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. No prior experience with graphics programming is assumed
  • 2 levels of learning: Basic (3 months) Advanced (3 months)
  • Once you have completed the basic course, you can take up the advanced level to take your skills even further with physics, advanced rendering and AR/VR design patterns and architecture
  • Work on industry standard projects and develop your own AR and VR applications
  • The programming skills you develop in this course is transferrable to any other programming domain


  • Upon completion you will receive: Codenatives TCDC certified on AR/VR course

Syllabus of  AR/VR Online Course:

Basic Level:

  • Introduction to 3D graphics concepts
  • Introduction to Unity 3D and exploring the unity 3D interface
  • Importing and creating assets
  • Writing your first AR application
  • C# programming introduction
  • Adding basic physics to the assets
  • User interface elements in Unity 3D
  • Publishing to Android and IOS
  • Augmented Reality project work
  • Virtual Reality fundamentals
  • VR Application essentials
  • VR Project work
  • Publishing to headsets
  • Conclusion and next steps

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