Building AR/VR Experiences (ADVANCED)

Trainer Abdul
Duration Time 3 Months
Certificate yes
Online Yes
key features
Course Duration - 3 Months
100% job based program.
Guidance from Technology Expert.
One to One Session.
Live Project Exposure.
Headed By Senior Trainer/developer .
Lead Trainer
Abdul started his career as a technical trainer five years ago with TCDC. He is a passionate, composed, and dedicated trainer who trains with the end objective in mind. He ensures that every trainee lands a good job and finds a great career for himself/herself. He has played a major role in training all students trained by us thus far. He keeps constant touch with our delivery team to tailor the course curriculum to ensure that the syllabus stays current and to also challenge students with real time project scenarios. Abdul rejoices every time a student comes back with good news of his/her job placement. It is indeed a proud moment that Abdul celebrates along with the whole TCDC team.
Course Description

Advanced Level:

  • Once you have completed the basic course, you are ready to get to the advanced level of writing industry standard AR and VR applications.
  • You will learn the architecture and design patterns (such as MVC and singleton) used in industry to create seamless AR/VR applications.
  • You will also learn to make your interactions even more realistic by adding more advanced physics to the application and extending the physics capabilities provided by Unity3D.
  • Next up is advanced rendering and lighting techniques to make your application visually exciting.
  • Exposure will be provided on how to publish projects to the Web using industry toolkits (WebGL,..)
  • Our faculty will guide you through two full fledged projects (one each in AR and VR) to make you industry ready in this area.
  • Duration:  3 months of Advanced level.
  • Pre-requisites: Basic programming knowledge.