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AR VR Advanced Courses in Chennai

Duration Time 3 Months
Certificate yes
Online Yes
key features
Course Duration - 3 Months
100% job based program.
Guidance from Technology Expert.
One to One Session.
Live Project Exposure.
Headed By Senior Trainer/developer .
Ar/Vr Trainer
Jayasurya is our Unity Developer and Trainer. He has around 5 years of total experience . Out of it , he has 3 years of experience in developing AR, VR and MR experiences. He makes learning programming more fun and exciting. He is expertise in both design & development. He trains every candidate to produce technically strong applications with stunning visuals.
Course Description

Advanced Level:

  • Once you have completed the basic course, you are ready to get to the advanced level of writing industry standard AR and VR applications.
  • You will learn the architecture and design patterns (such as MVC and singleton) used in industry to create seamless AR/VR applications.
  • You will also learn to make your interactions even more realistic by adding more advanced physics to the application and extending the physics capabilities provided by Unity3D.
  • Next up is advanced rendering and lighting techniques to make your application visually exciting.
  • Exposure will be provided on how to publish projects to the Web using industry toolkits (WebGL,..)
  • Our faculty will guide you through two full fledged projects (one each in AR and VR) to make you industry ready in this area.
  • Duration:  3 months of Advanced level.
  • Pre-requisites: Basic programming knowledge.

AR and VR Advanced Course Overview

Module 1 – Mathematics for Computer Game and Application Development (
15 Days )

  • Bitwise Operations, Locations, Vectors, Intersections, Affine Transformations.

Module 2 – C# Advanced Concepts Programming ( 15 Days )

  • Working with Data, Unity Networking, Design Patterns, The Singleton Pattern, The State
    Pattern, Object Pooling, Model View Controller.

Module 3 – Advanced Concepts in Unity ( 8 Days )

  • Unity Particle System, Audio System, Asset Bundle, Unity AI, Unity ProBuilder &

Module 4 – AR Location Based Application Development ( 15 Days )

  • Working with Location APIs in Unity.

Module 5 – VR Simulation/Application Development ( 15 Days )

  • Create an Detailed Simulation App using Oculus VR or HTC Vive.

Project Work AR – Advanced ( 10 Days )
Project Work VR – Advanced ( 10 Days )