Dynamic PHP

Duration Time 1 month
Internship Yes
Location Palaniappa Nagar Main Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai
Certificate yes
Online Yes
key features
Course Duration - 30 Days (4 Hrs/per day)
Live Project Exposure
100% Job Guarantee Program
Headed by Senior Trainer
Guidance from Technology Experts
Customized Syllabus
One to One session
CODE-A-THON Racing Session
Advanced PHP Course
It includes 2 Web Application Projects
Sr Technology Specialist
Ameen is our Senior Technology Specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computers. He is an expert in Professional Training with development experience. He has hands-on experience with the latest technologies in React JS, Web Development & Digital Marketing. Ameen knows different platforms and is capable of stepping into a new platform in a short span. He supports various aspects of TCDC. Ameen is a product of TCDC. He is now sharing his knowledge/experience he has to the present TCDC students and grooms them to be a good CODER/PROGRAMMER
Course Description
  • This is the Advanced PHP & MYSQL course on TCDC.
  • Learn all major concepts of Web Technology, PHP & MySQL from beginner to master level.
  • Gain the PHP programming skills to build more interactive,effective, less complex and easily manageable websites.
  • Create stunning dynamic php/css menus, contact form, login pages and Themes with CSS3.
  • Use cookies and sessions to store data and Retrive data from multiple pages.
  • Build a html form, validate the form fields using javascript and Jquery.
  • Integrate Ajax-enhanced Features for communicating with server and database.
  • Create Classes, properties and methods with Object oriented programming concepts.
  • Manipulate system files via Uploading files to server.
  • Test, debug and run complete web applications.
  • Do real time project in Php with a team of experienced IT professionals.
  • It our job to get you hired in our various enpanneld clients companies.
Why this Course?
  • PHP has its own community on web with more than 20 million websites.
  • PHP is widely used in IT industry, Evergreen technology for job seekers.
  • Average salary of PHP and MySQL is $80k ( Salary Data)
  • Across industries Accenture, Rackspace, Tesla, Nokia, Zynga & many other use PHP and MySQL.