Creative UI/UX

Duration Time 1 month
Internship Yes
Location Palaniappa Nagar Main Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai
Certificate yes
Online Yes
key features
Course Duration - 30 Days (4 Hrs/per day)
Live Project Exposure
100% Job Guarantee Program
Headed by Senior Trainer
Guidance from Technology Experts
Customized Syllabus
One to One session
CODE-A-THON Racing Session
Advanced UI/UX Course
It includes 3 web designing projects
Sr Technology Specialist
Ameen is our Senior Technology Specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computers. He is an expert in Professional Training with development experience. He has hands-on experience with the latest technologies in React JS, Web Development & Digital Marketing. Ameen knows different platforms and is capable of stepping into a new platform in a short span. He supports various aspects of TCDC. Ameen is a product of TCDC. He is now sharing his knowledge/experience he has to the present TCDC students and grooms them to be a good CODER/PROGRAMMER
Course Description
  • Learn how to use solid HTML5 to design a responsive website.
  • Learn how to use JavaScript for the client side in responsive website design.
  • Add beautiful effects & animations to your websites by using Jquery.
  • Learn how to create amazing photo gallery page in a website from scratch.
  • Learn how to use pure CSS3 to style and make a website responsive.
  • Learn how to create Signup/login in a website from scratch.
  • Learn how to include YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Forms, Images, and more in your website.
  • Learn how to Integrate a Map into a website and Publish a website live.
  • Photoshop with all the major tools and design custom beautiful logos & icons.
  • Learn the step by step Procedure to sliced PSD Templates designed in this course
  • You will create a complete functional website at the end of this course.
Why this Course?
  • Recent study says “an average user engages in over 2,600 daily interactions with their phone/web”.
  • Products & services that have been built with strong UI/UX design elevates the customers’ market.
  • Glassdoor estimates the average salary of a UI designer in the USA to be almost $90,000.