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About Core Java SE Training

The Java training will introduce you to the Java programming language and technology to create secure, portable, high-performance applications. 

In this course. You will learn concepts, language constructs, and data types. After taking this course you can aim to be a programmer in Java.

Our instructor lead training session, students will get to practice the skills learned in each lesson through hands-on labs.

What you will learn


  • Write Java code that uses variables, arrays, conditional and loop constructs of achieve program objectives.
  • Can write a computer program to solve specified problems.
  • Encapsulate a class using access modifiers and overloaded constructors
  • Manipulate numeric, text, and string data using appropriate Java operators
  • Understand object oriented programming in java including defining classes, invoking methods, using class libraries, etc.
  • Demonstrate polymorphism by implementing a Java interface
  • Handle a checked exception in a Java application
  • Be able to use the Java SDK environment to create, debug and run simple Java programs.

Topics (Curriculum Summary)

  • Core Java Introduction
  • Access Control
  • Operators and Control flow
  • Objected Oriented Programming
  • Inner Classes
  • Exceptions
  • Java Lang Package
  • Multithreading
  • Collections and Generics
  • Creating your own Java application
  • Web Application Development


  • Basic Computer skills
  • Basic programming knowledge in any other software or language


Upon completion you will receive: Codenatives TCDC certified Java Programmer

Course Information

Course Info
Hours       : 20 hours
Duration   : 3 to 4 Weeks
Slot           : 9am to 7pm (1 hour)
Mode        : Live Virtual Training
Join          : Skype
Faculty     : Abdul
Download : Materials
Price         : INR 13000

 For Overseas (US, Singapore, Europe) customers, please email