Laravel Version History

Laravel PHP framework is evolved with series of frequent updates since its initial beta release on June 2011. Each version powered with new advanced features that makes Laravel stand out as a strongest contender to its rival frameworks CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, and Yii.

The following table lists all the major Laravel framework releases in the reverse chronological order.
Version Features
Laravel 5.4
January 24, 2017 Added new features like Laravel Dusk, Laravel Mix, Blade Components and Slots, Markdown Emails, Automatic Facades, Route Improvements, Higher Order Messaging for Collections, and many others.
Laravel 5.3

August 23, 2016
Improving developer speed by adding additional out of the box improvements for common tasks
Laravel 5.1

June 2015
Added long-term support (LTS)

Bug fixes and security patches.
Laravel 5

February 2015
Added support for job Scheduler, Flysystem, assets packaging using Elixir and Socialite package.
Laravel 4

May 2013
A major release with complete rewrite of the Laravel framework. It includes support for message queue, database seeding, built-in support for sending different types of email.
Laravel 3

February 2012
Introduced Artisan command-line interface, built-in support for more database management systems, database migrations, support for handling events, and a packaging system called Bundles.
Laravel 2

September 2011
Fully MVC compliant using Controllers

View templating called Blade

Built-in support for the inversion of control
Laravel 1

June 9, 2011
Initial release.

Support for authentication, localisation, models, views, sessions, routing and other mechanisms.

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