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Head Straight to VyTCDC, a Global Technical Training Institute with some of the finest trainers because they are dedicated and well-experienced, with appreciable presentation skills and the insight to manage and engage students from start to finish.

The passion for teaching enables our instructors to motivate high and low-proficiency students without anyone being overwhelmed or anxious. The exciting part is that even those without any programming knowledge can join the Chennai’s best  summer  course and learn the basics of software technology, which will help them pursue successful IT careers.

Level up your technical skills this summer with VyTCDC’s summer courses in Chennai! Explore C++, Python, MS-Office, WordPress, web design, Windows, Java, SQL, artificial intelligence, and data science. Our courses are designed to enhance students’ logical thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering them to step into the future with confidence. Get certified with us!


Discover Your Child’s Passion

We understand that kids can swiftly grasp and understand any new concept or technology with the right teachers. Therefore, we have specially designed this course for school-going students who are naturally technically oriented or have plans to build a career in the IT Profession.

Our curriculum is thus designed to provide them with good programming concepts, as in today’s scenario, Computer Basics and one Programming Language is an added advantage. It can be an excellent way to identify
your child’s technical understanding and potential programming skills.

This summer course could reveal your child’s latent interest /skill help
them take their first steps, and set them on a lucrative and successful career path.

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Determine your Career Path

Similarly, for college students, this summer course will serve as an expert forerunner to pursue Job-ready technical courses.

Thus, they can consider this training an initiative to continue immersive training with us and land satisfying jobs at the fastest-growing organizations.

Even for those not seeking mainstream software jobs, the course will prove valuable since basic computer skills with a course such as web designing could open new avenues of coveted positions in lucrative fields.

Augment your academic qualifications
and skills at an affordable cost

We have designed various summer courses according to the student’s qualifications and interests.


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