The Critical Role of UI/UX Designers


In the fast-paced world these days, websites, and apps that respond efficiently and quickly are the most successful. In Angular web development, or for any web development using different frameworks and languages for that matter, UI/UX designers have specific duties and responsibilities.

A successful designer should have experience with designing software and wireframe tools. It’s also important to have a portfolio of professional design projects, which include work with mobile/web apps.

These are the responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer.
• Gathering and evaluating user requirements in collaboration with engineers and product managers
• Designing graphic user interface elements, such as tabs, menus, and widgets
• Illustrating design ideas with the use of process flows, storyboards, and sitemaps
• Develop UI prototypes and mockups, which illustrate clearly how websites look and function
• Create page navigation buttons and search fields
• Preparing and presenting rough drafts to key stakeholders and internal teams
• Build original graphic designs, such as sketches, images, and tables
• Perform layout adjustments based on user feedback
• Distinguish and troubleshoot UX issues, like responsiveness for instance
• Adhering to style standards on colors, images, and fonts

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