The Open Source Opportunity- drupal,joomla wordpress job trends

As you can see, the growth in demand for people skilled in open-source CMS platforms, in particular Drupal and Joomla, is huge. Part of the reason these particular platforms are ushering in more jobs for tech workers is that many publishers are switching to free, open-source content management systems from expensive proprietary ones.

The fact that PHP is a hot ticket in the development world is just one of many more examples where open source skillsets can be very valuable in the tech work arena. Noted open source pundit Glyn Moody points out that Google’s recently announced Chrome OS could usher in many jobs in open source, especially for Linux-savvy folks who can support the new operating system. Moody also cites data showing that Linux-related job opportunities have fallen at a much slower rate than other types of tech jobs in the down economy.

What’s really going on here? Many people think of open source as a non-mainstream, highly technical and specialized field. That is rapidly changing, though. In fact, it has already changed. It used to be that many open source components were built by developers for other developers, and weren’t fully realized platforms with application ecosystems orbiting around them. Now, promising open-source platforms are flourishing, and bringing jobs with them…

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