What are the New Features in Java 13?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages, it’s been more than two decades since Java hit the programming world for the first time.
Java has including programming basics, frameworks, design patterns, APIs, architectural styles such as REST, IDEs such an Eclipse, multithreading, OOPS concepts,
New Features in Java 13:
Java is one of the widely used programming languages in the world. The applications of Java are suitable for the distributed environment on the internet. With the recently launched version of Java i.e. Java 13, there is a lot of speculation surrounding Java 13 new features. The use of Java for creating complete applications to run on a single computer or through distribution among servers in a network is evident. However, the constant evolution of Java has seen many additions of classes and packages to the standard Java library.
According to the chief architect of the Java Platform, Mark Reinhold, the new release cycle is of 6 months. The 6-month release cycle involves a new feature release every 6 months. Therefore, when Java 13 release news came out, many enthusiasts tried to find new features in Java 13. So, what’s new in Java 13? The following discussion is an ideal source of information for readers to know everything new in Java 13.
The popularity of many programming languages is one of the formidable highlights that we notice in the IT world. However, one of the programming languages has never failed to lose its reputation that is Java. Java is as popular now as it was 23 years ago when it was introduced. Recently, the latest release of Java came to the market with the Java Development Kit (JDK) 12. In this discussion, we’ll throw light on the Java 12 features.
The excitement to know more about Java 12 features is skyrocketing in the present times. Since the major release of Java SE 9+, Java follows a six-month release cycle. This is a clear indicator that the programming language and virtual machine are going through faster improvements to cope with rapid technology innovation.

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