What is Javascript in a website?

JavaScript is client-side language used to create interactive websites. 

It is mainly used for:

Client-side validation

Dynamic drop-down menus

Displaying data and time

Displaying popup windows and dialog boxes

The most common use of Javascript is show and hide items on page.

Slider, carousel, accordion, error messages, responsiveness all these widgets and more use show some element.

JavaScript ROCKS

If you know HTML_CSS and JavaScript you can make perfect small website.

You can create simple web games by using JavaScript.

You can create cross platform mobile application with HTML5 _ CSS3 and JavaScript.


JavaScript code-:


You can create loading page using javaScript.

And lots of things you can do using JavaScript


JavaScript is a wonderful technology to use on the web. It is not that hard to learn and it is very versatile.

It plays nicely with other web technologies — such as HTML and CSS — and can even interact with plugins such as Flash.

JavaScript allows us to build highly responsive user interfaces, prevent frustrating page reloads, and even fix support issues for CSS.


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